TOTO aims to ensure communication that meets the needs of a diverse array of stakeholders and that is easily accessible. To do this, we utilize four tools: this report; the Guide to TOTO, which is conveniently available at TOTO showrooms and other places of business; the Corporate View, which describes TOTO’s history and business activities as well as TOTO’s annual financial and ESG (environment, society, and governance) data in order to provide readers a more in-depth understanding of TOTO; and the TOTO Group website, which offers more detailed information.

New Arrivals

- Dual Flush System
- Stylish design, high profile Closed Coupled Toilet
- Wall-Faced Styling with concealed trapway for easy cleaning
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Suite Collection

Renesse is TOTO's answer for people who want streamlined design and timeless elegance. The impressively furnishings have smooth, nearly seamless surfaces, with chrome and stainless steel details to reflect a cool elegance. These rounded elements can be combined with wood surfaces for a warmer look. Read More


Transform your home into a haven of well-being. The Neorest collection seamlessly combines technology, comfort, and design to make everyday life more pleasant and convenient. Read More


The tank of a one piece toilet is integrated with the bowl, forming a stream-lined, stylish art piece. The advanced cleaning technologies such as tornado Flush and CeFioNtect ensures that the toilet remains stain-free with minimal cleaning. Read More


Simple and beautiful in appearance. Comfortable and streamlined design. Earth friendly materials and performance. These are the essential factors that underlie all of our lavatories. Read More


You now have the time to indulge in luxury every day. TOTO’s wide range of bathtubs are specially designed to maximize the little time you have for yourself. Our bathtubs not only cleanse your body but also entice you to soak in supreme comfort and tranquility. Read More


For every toilet, bathtub, or shower product that TOTO offers, there is a corresponding accessory that complements it. These uniquely designed fixtures add the finishing touches to your washroom décor. Read More

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